Pool Leak Detection/Repair

We now offer pool leak detection services, pool crack repair, pool liner replacement and other swimming pool repair services for all types of pools - including vinyl, above ground and in ground pools.

Call 512-769-4640 for a quote on our pool leak detection service.

Signs you have a pool leak:

    • Pool loses more water than regular evaporation (about 1/4 inch)
    • Pool has air in the system
    • Equipment loses prime
    • You see cracks
    • Pool deck is sinking or lifting
    • There are soggy spots around the pool
    • You add water more than once a week

Preparing your pool for leak detection:

Clean Not Green. In most cases, it is recommended to have the pool vacuumed spotless prior to your detection. Leaks as large as 1" in diameter could be missed until the dirt covering the leak is vacuumed or brushed away. Make sure the water is clean and not green. If it is green, the water may contain molds, fungus, larvae or other contaminants that could make you sick, besides making it almost impossible to test.

Have the following information ready when you call Blue Bottom to schedule your professional pool leak detection:

    • Is it a pool only or does it include a spa?
    • Is the pool equipment above or below ground?
    • Is the pool constructed of fiberglass, gunite/plaster, or vinyl?
    • How many skimmers are there?
    • Does it leak more with the filter on or with it off?
    • Are there any fittings in the floor of the pool other than the main drain?
    • How much water does it lose in a 24-hour period?

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